About us


Faiz company cranes and hydraulics is a well-established family company in cranes and transport.
The company was established due to the recognition that strictly necessary to choose a reliable market levers that advocates affordable prices, excellent service and advanced product.
Our company has over 20 years of repairing trucks and cranes.
The company is located in a complex of 8 acres, with trucks garage, metal workshop and 2.5 acres, well equipped for crane installation. .
Quality, service and professionalism are the leading standards our company for decades.
Faiz company cranes and hydraulics subject to the supervision of qualified transportation engineer with many years in the industry, the company is also monitored the Israeli Standards Institute and the final stages of obtaining the standard ISO-9001: 2008.
Our company markets and distributes the PM cranes from Italy, quality brand and a longtime reputation in Israel and the Palestinian Authority.
In addition, our company offers a complete line of cranes products of high quality at fair prices with international quality standards.

עזרא יסוד, א.ת צפוני אשקלון. ת.ד 3535, אשקלון 3073587


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